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  • No donating

    No need to ask for donations from family, friends, neighbours & colleagues. With FundScrip, your supporters simply change their method of payment for the things they’re buying anyway.

  • No sympathy purchases

    No need to ask people to buy things that they weren’t going to buy until they were guilted in to it. With FundScrip, your supporters buy things they’re buying anyway from the places they normally buy them.

  • No door-to-door sales

    No need to ask supporters (or kids) to become door-to-door sales people! With FundScrip, supporters buy for themselves according to their needs either online or through their Group Administrator using a paper order form.

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What are people saying?

  • Schools & Daycares

    You pay $100, you get $100 back [in value on the card at retail]; whereas with the other fundraisers, that isn't necessarily the case. You don't have to dish out any money; what you give is what you get back; it's easy to order; it comes all prepared in individual envelopes. FundScrip does all the work.

    Lynda Huot

    École Catholique Sacré-Coeur

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  • Faith, Service & Cultural Organizations

    You have a great team there and it is a pleasure (and a rarity these days!) to deal with competent, well-informed, courteous, businesslike, and just plain pleasant, people. I am well-served and am glad to let it be known. Keep up the good work.

    John Wevers

    Islington United Church

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  • Teams & Clubs

    Well as a fundraising director, this is the easiest of all my 5 fundraisers to do. I highly recommend FundScrip and have done so to some of the schools actually.

    Jocelyne Fournier-Trottier

    Timmins Marlins Swim Team

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  • Community Organizations

    My friends, this is very awesome. Let's face it, it's pretty easy to sell stuff to people when they already use it on a day to day basis. Everyone has to eat. Everyone buys gas, and coffee, and reno stuff. I still can't get over how cool it is that you can still purchase all of these regular things and have a portion of that purchase go towards cancer research and care.

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