Gift Card Fundraising for Schools & Daycares

"... your supporters everyday spending is transformed into fundraising
dollars for your school. "

Gift Card Fundraising for Schools & Daycares

FundScrip has worked with thousands of teachers, administrators, parent committees, school boards & other educational providers, helping them achieve their fundraising goals since 2004

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How Does FundScrip Work?

Supporters of your group pay for their everyday expenses with gift cards bought from FundScrip, and a percentage of the gift cards purchased is donated to your group.

  • No donating

    No need to ask for donations from family, friends, neighbours & colleagues.

  • No sympathy purchases

    No need to pressure people into buying things they don't want or need.

  • No door-to-door sales

    No need to ask supporters (or kids) to become door-to-door sales people.

  • Is FundScrip for Schools Easy? It's Elementary!

    • 1

      Apply to FundScrip

      Apply to enroll your group with FundScrip and choose either online or paper ordering options. Your FundScrip coach will guide you through the enrollment process.

    • 2

      Spread the Word

      Get the word out to potential supporters with our easy online sharing tools, then distribute the Quick Start Guide to help supporters get started.

    • 3

      Place Orders

      Supporters can order online or by paper order form, and they can take advantage of promotions and contests, or make things even easier by using recurring orders.

    • 4

      Distribute Orders

      Orders are shipped in individual envelopes, all you have to do is hand them out. Plus, supporters who don't live nearby can use our Direct Shipping option.

    • 5

      Watch the Earnings Grow

      Login to the FundScrip Program Manager and track earnings down to the individual supporter and campaign, and request an earnings cheque at any time.

    Earnings Potential

    Each month an average family spends $600 on groceries, plus $200 on gas, and another $200 on household items which comes out to $1000. At a 3% rebate, each family will earn $30 per month or $360 per year for your group. Just 10 supporters could earn your group $3,600 a year.

    Number of Regular Supporters Typical Annual Earnings
    10 Supporters $3,600
    20 Supporters $7,200
    50 Supporters $18,000
    100 Supporters $36,000
    Try the Earnings Calculator

    Group Earnings Since 2004

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    Why Choose FundScrip?

    Fundraising Coach

    Get personalized advice and support from a dedicated FundScrip fundraising coach.

    Ongoing Earnings

    Month after month, year after year, your group earns funds on an ongoing basis.

    Online Dashboard

    Track earnings down to the supporter and let the FundScrip Program Manager do the accounting for you.

    Flexible Ordering

    Accommodate every supporter: order online or using the paper order forms.

    Distribution Options

    Ship your orders to a central location to facilitate distribution, or ship directly to individual supporters.

    Multiple Campaigns

    FundScrip lets you raise funds for multiple campaigns each with unique fundraising goals.

    Individual Packaging

    Every order is individually packaged and sorted by supporter for easy distribution.

    Customer Service

    You're always covered with FundScrip's customer service. Yes, you can talk with a live human.

    Fulfillment Promise

    With FundScrip there are no back orders. Ever. We pride ourselves on always having your cards in stock.

    But the best reason of all is that it's FREE

    What are Schools Saying About FundScrip?

    You pay $100, you get $100 back [in value on the card at retail]; whereas with the other fundraisers, that isn't necessarily the case. You don't have to dish out any money; what you give is what you get back; it's easy to order; it comes all prepared in individual envelopes. FundScrip does all the work.

    Lynda Huot

    École Catholique Sacré-Coeur

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    What Goals are Schools Fundraising For?

    • Schools Trips
    • Schools Fees
    • Extra-Curricular Activities
    • General Purpose Fundraising
    • Supporting Charitable Organizations

    Over 180 Participating Retailers

    Participating Retailers View All Participating Retailers

    What Kind of Schools Use FundScrip?

    • Pre-school, Nursery Schools and Daycares
    • Public & Private Elementary Schools
    • Public & Private Secondary Schools
    • College / CÉGEP / Universities
    • International Schools

    The Easy Fundraiser for Schools

    Whether you're a school administrator, teacher or part of the parent committee, FundScrip is the easiest most effective fundraising program for schools and daycares.

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