"It’s a way to raise money from the purchases your supporters are
already making."

Kincardin Headline Quote for FundScrip


" Since [Carol] Blake launched the program it has raised $132,469 for local schools. The money supports different programs at each school but usually centres around Grade 8 class trips, arts, environment, the Home and School Associations as well as School Community Councils, outdoor education, sports, FIRST Robotics and class field trips. "

Read the complete article on the Kincardine News website here or read the post on The Saugeen Times here.

>> Don't forget to read the interviews done with a few of the FundScrip Group Administrators on the Fundrazr.ca blog


" Let me just say, I LOVE the new website. It is fantastic and so user friendly. I can find everything I need very easily. "

- Christina Halladay, FundScrip Group Administrator for Dance PAC Parent Association

" The FundScrip program has been well received by the members/parents of our school and we look forward to placing many more orders in 2013 "

- Kim Wilson, Treasurer for George P. Nicholson Parent Society
>> Check out the school website here.

" I don’t have to really manage it – it runs itself. People order, they pay for the cards and then the cards come to the daycare. They’re at the daycare every day to pick up their kids anyway, so they take their cards home and away they go. Plus, parents aren’t asked to give money nor are they being asked to buy things that they’re not necessarily going to use. So it’s no extra cost to them… what they pay is what they get. "

- Heidi Veeke, FundScrip Group Administrator for Little Lambs Daycare
>> Read our blog post about Daycare Fundraising on the Fundrazr blog

" Things are going great .I thought we would only have an order once a month but so far we have been able to place one every 2 weeks. Each week we get someone new. It is a great fundraiser! "

- Lynn Orton, FundScrip Group Administrator for Holy Trinity Emmanuel Anglican Church

" Thanks for being so helpful with the FundScrip orders. I was on the site, and am happy to see that Glenview will have reached our fundraising goal for 2011. We thankfully exceeded the $4400 limit on both of our orders in December, so we'll eliminate some of our shipping costs. Sunday was our last order for the year. Thanks again for all of your assistance, and I wish you a very happy holiday! "

- Shannon Wiggan, Fundraising Coordinator – Glenview Presbyterian Church

" We still do other fundraising – more like blitz fundraising. We do bottle drives, and we sell Christmas wreaths. So we have other little blitz fundraisers, but this [FundScrip] is the only ongoing, continuous type of fundraiser that we have ever undertaken. "

- Cheryl Feth, Fundraising Coordinator – Camrose Skate Club - Alberta
>> Read our interview with Cheryl on the Fundrazr blog

" Oh I think it’s fantastic. Out of all the fundraiers I have been involved with – anything from selling scarves to auctioning, and selling gift baskets – this is definitely the easiest. The other thing is while it’s terrific if you can find other people to help support the program, you do it all yourself too.

What happens a lot with fundraisers is for example when you’re doing baskets it’s coming out of the same pocket… the parents who are donating the items are then again purchasing them in the end. So in the end they say ‘Well, why don’t I just write you a cheque’; whereas with this fundraiser, you can actually earn something on your regular spending everyday – fantastic. "

- Tammy Kundakcioglu, Fundraising Coordinator – Etobicoke Youth Concert Band
>> Read our interview with Tammy on the Fundrazr blog

" Thank you again for all of your help from beginning to end, it was really appreciated! I'm not sure I would have taken anything like that on myself if you didn't help me to understand everything in the beginning and get me through all of the steps. Also the reminder emails you send are perfect. You are very good at what you do and it shows you enjoy it. "

- Lori Hudson – Salto Gymnastic Club

" You know you can put so many hours into some of those other programs for nothing in terms of money sometimes. [FundScrip] is simple, sells itself, and you get lots of cash! … Since the beginning in June [2010, approx. 5 months] we’ve raised $6,000.00. … [This past month] I got a $1,000.00 cheque that came from FundScrip! "

- Pam Stewart –Saskatoon Goldfins Swim Club, Saskatoon, SK
>> Read our interview with Pam on the Fundrazr blog

" I highly recommend FundScrip; so far, I’ve not had a single mistake – that’s in two years and we order four times a month, so you figure out the batting average there. There’s a lot of room for potential mistakes and we haven’t had one. Because of that, we’re able to gain the confidence of supporters and again this is a program that generates money from daily, monthly, weekly purchases. [...] This is money that the average person spends – will always spend – why not get something from it?

I wouldn’t have done this program for six years (particularly the two years with the other company that I like to call the ‘dark ages’) if I didn’t believe that this program worked. But the facilitators have to know that the company they’re with is a reliable one, and we’re very confident with FundScrip. "

- Daniel McNamara - FundScrip Group Administrator, Calvary Christian School, Smith Falls, Ontario >> Read our interview with Daniel on the Fundrazr blog

" We aren’t asking you to purchase anything, just to purchase in a different way. Also it’s a really good feeling – I brought it out when I did speak to the congregation – that it’s kind of neat knowing that “Oh I’m stopping for groceries tonight and I don’t have to touch my bank account… they’re already paid for. "

- Gail Wensink - FundScrip Group Administrator, St. Paul's United Church, Bowmanville, Ontario >> Read our interview with Gail on the Fundrazr blog

" Well as a fundraising director, this is the easiest of all my 5 fundraisers to do, because it puts the responsibility back on the parent rather than on me. All I have to do is pick up the cards, show up at the pool and hand out the envelopes. So that’s not a big deal – I don’t have to run after them for money; if they don’t pick up their cards it’s not my problem you know? – so that is a huge advantage. I highly recommend FundScrip and have done so to some of the schools actually. "

- Jocelyne Fournier-Trottier - Fundrasing Director, Timmins Marlins Swim Team >> Read our interview with Jocelyne on the Fundrazr blog

" My friends, this is very awesome. Once I got the computer system all figured out, FundScrip has probably been the easiest fundraiser I've ever done. Let's face it, it's pretty easy to sell stuff to people when they already use it on a day to day basis. Everyone has to eat. Everyone buys gas, and coffee, and reno stuff. I still can't get over how cool it is that you can still purchase all of these regular things and have a portion of that purchase go towards cancer research and care."

- Carly Lodewyks >> via Carly's "Wife In The Fast Lane" Blog

" Thank you for your continuous help and providing the tools we need to build a strong program!"

- Lisa Cabral Purcell – St. Joseph's Catholic School - Aurora >> via FundScrip's Facebook Fan Page

" We were previously using a different gift card company and were having a lot of problems with it, so we needed to find a more reliable source to work with. So I did some research and found FundScrip on the Internet and spoke to them and it was wonderful – the experience from beginning to end has been wonderful. It’s not ended obviously, but it’s been great, and administering the fundraiser has been so simple – you really make it very easy for us."

- Clara Goodwin – Profile Dance Company >> see Clara's complete interview on our Fundrazr blog

" Thanks for the "Entertain Your Brain" page. I find it very helpful in planning our promotions and orders. Thanks for no back-orders and for orders always arriving on time. Keep up the great work. It makes my "job" easier. "

- Donna Hepfner – Christian Centre Academy

I wanted to let you know that our FundScrip Fundraising Coach performs her duties in a most excellent and commendable manner. Over the months, when there have been times that I get frantic at not receiving information on time and tend to take it out on her with a curt e-mail complaint (you must understand that I myself feel a keen responsibility to my people to whom I have promised good service and on time and when things may appear to go wrong that are beyond my helping I start to really fret), she never responds in kind, but is cool and efficient and calming and responsible and knowledgeable and pleasant and helpful - all the characteristics of a first class service provider and I appreciate it very, very much.

You have a great team there and it is a pleasure (and a rarity these days!) to deal with competent, well-informed, courteous, businesslike, and just plain pleasant, people.

I am well-served and am glad to let it be known. Keep up the good work. "

- John Wevers – Islington United Church

This can be the greatest fundraiser for your school. Just try it. It is very easy to join and you never spend money on things you don't want. "

- Michelle Vermaas Wood – Dundalk & Proton C.S. and Highpoint School (via Facebook)

" I have to tell you how pleased I was with how the first order went, you guys at FundScrip are great! I love how the orders are packed, it is so easy to distribute orders, and I had no complaints to deal with...which is ALWAYS a bonus. Please let the people packing the orders know they did a great job!!! "

- Sharon Seinen – Parnall school

" ... having dealt with another card company and their form of customer service I am glad that we made the switch to Fundscrip. The service and assistance we have received from your company is second to none (even when the mistake is ours). Thank you to everyone for your time, patience and assistance while we "learn the ropes."

- Joan Lambie, Programme Director – Schoolhouse Playcare Centres

" FundScrip is a coordinator’s dream come true; you don’t have to be a computer whiz to figure this program out. FundScrip has thought of everything in the software from placing the order online, by order form or recurring orders, to distribution of cards packaged in groups or classes, plus keeping track of all the accounting. Customer service is 100% when I need assistance either by phone or e-mail. "

- Carol Blake, Parent Volunteer Coordinator >> see our interview with Carole on the Fundrazr Blog

" Your program has surpassed anything that our minor hockey team could have imagined when it came to fundraising. It’s simple, fast and very profitable if you put your mind to it. "

- Sandi Holden – Amherstburg Novice Major Travel Hockey Team >> Read our interview with Sandi on the Fundrazr blog

We also have on our school website the link to FundScrip. Our school is very active using the website; so about once a week we usually get an email from the school, and at the bottom there is a link into the website, and right on the front page of the website is a link to FundScrip. So if they then want to access that, they can get there through that method. I think, is helpful too. "

- Dianne Gora – St. Timothy Catholic School >> see our interview with Dianne on the Fundrazr blog

" FundScrip's weekly reminders keep us updated and informed of new retailers in the program, and provide us with useful information. They have provided support and insightful ideas on how to introduce the program to our members; ways to encourage more people to participate; assisted those with technical issues; and have responded promptly to all questions. "

- Jacquie Ross-Zalac – Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church

" I have run two other fundraising programs at our school (gift wrap and magazines) and find this to be the easiest and, over time, I expect it will surpass the others in terms of participation rates and overall profitability. "

- Lynne Thiessen Steel – Lambton Kingsway School and Parent Council

" Yes it arrived Thursday (3 days after we placed our order) and what a treat to have it all packaged in envelopes for each member (and with no backorders)"

- Gail Wensick – St. Paul’s Church

" The beauty of the FundScrip program is that it enables members of our congregation to give back to the church simply by spending money they already spend. There is no catch! "

- Cameron Fortin – Cedar Park United Church

" Not all organisations can do this, but what I think would be a sure win would be to have a computer set up in the classroom, the church or the sports facility – whatever – and then walk through the program online with them, showing them just how easy it is. "

- Martha Taylor – Montessori Preschool >> see Martha's interview on the Fundrazr blog

" In just 2 months, I have raised over $130 and hopefully by the end of the year, I will have raised well in excess of $700- $800. "

- Josée Robitaille - Gloucester Concorde Speed Skating Club

" We have only been part of FundScrip a few months and have raised close to $2000! Every order we get more and more cards which says something about the wonderful parents involved. "

- Sonja Marfels, Manager – HCU U12 Boys Soccer

" Any group who does not get involved in this program is losing out on a fantastic opportunity to increase their fundraising potential. "

- Mary Kish – Hamilton Hoppers Rope Skipping Team - Hamilton, ON

" Just talked to my sister in Bowmanville! They were with another gift card company and were having trouble! I told her about FundScrip and they just received their first order and were amazed at the way their order was handled! They are very happy and look forward to continuing business with you! Just wanted to let you know you are doing a great job! "

- Larry Elliott – Huttonville Lions Club

" Well I just sent an email out last week to the families, saying 'Let’s do it again, you know if each of us get 3 or 4 other friends and family members contributing to the team, then our profits go higher.' "

- Sheila Campbell – Midget AAA Girls Hockey >> see our interview with Sheila on the Fundrazr blog

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