3 Common Fundraising Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

Fundraising can be an exciting activity for groups of all types, when well executed. Certain best practices can truly streamline the process, making it easier for administrators. On the other hand, some errors can hamper campaign efforts and overall progress. Here are three common mistakes to avoid this season.

Lack of Planning

As they say: a little planning goes a long way. This couldn’t be any truer for fundraising. To get the ball rolling, organize a meeting with your group members (in person or virtually). Then, determine which campaign activities you want to set forth, identify who does what, and flesh out clear objectives. Develop a calendar with deliverables and milestones, confirm that everyone understands their roles, and establish a follow-up schedule. As an administrator, connecting with your key players is recommended to maintain momentum!

Lack of Publicity

Include marketing in your calendar of activities! The more you talk about your campaign, the more you’ll amass funds. The trick is to be consistent and to use multiple channels of communications. Reach out to supporters in-person or by telephone, text, email and social media. Do so frequently, in various ways. For instance, you can focus on the fundraiser itself, then shine light on whom it helps, without forgetting to celebrate milestones (ex, attaining 50% of your objective). If you content is fresh and interesting, you’ll gain people’s attention and increase your success rate.

Picking the Wrong Fundraiser

Groups sometimes struggle to find efficient and simple ways to fundraise. Luckily, gift card fundraising is suitable for all and yields great results. Once you move forward with this option, choosing the right type of group configuration is important (i.e., group orders vs. supporter orders, campaigns to pay for fees vs. open-ended ones, etc.). Thanks to FundScrip’s proven and flexible program, you’ll find the perfect fit!

Talk to your core group administrators about this to make sure everyone understands. Avoiding these mistakes is easy if people are on the same page. If you’re just getting started with FundScrip and have questions, our representatives will happily guide you each step of the way.