Thursday, October 24, 2019

4 DIY Projects for Halloween That You’ll Love

Halloween is coming up soon and it’s the ideal occasion to do special activities with the kids! Here are some DIY project ideas to have fun together.

1. Create fun Halloween themed gift card holders

You’ll probably take advantage of Halloween to promote your fundraising campaign, so why not give the gift cards in cute Halloween themed gift card holder? Get inspired by this Halloween gift card holder template or for a fall themed gift card pocket, check out these template courtesy of Starbucks.

Here’s another cute gift card holder idea, for which you only need empty toilet paper roll, a couple of stickers, and scrapbooking paper or cardboard, (that you can find at Dollarama in the crafts section).

2. Make your own Halloween decorations

Instead of buying expensive decorations to create your own haunted house for Halloween, why not do it yourself? There are a ton of ideas that are simple to make, and that cost almost nothing! It’s so easy to reuse paper and carboard before throwing it in the recycling can! You can even keep these decorations for next year.

3. Create a horrifying table centerpiece for your Halloween party

If you are hosting a Halloween party this year, don’t hesitate to step up your table decoration game! Add ornaments that you made yourself, or display spiderwebs, crows, skeletons or any other scary accessories! Be inspired by these amazing spooky and stylish Halloween tables and accessory ideas !

Also, think about decorations that are also practical. Choose accessories like teeth or skeleton hands to hold the napkins!

You could make a self-service station instead of a table, for example this bar inspired by a witchcraft theme!

4. Make a Halloween wreath to hang on your door

To welcome your guests at your Halloween party or for passersby who will knock on your door on October 31st, you could hang a beautiful wreath on your door. You could either buy a basic one or make one yourself with wild vines that you can pick outside. Add flourishes like spiderwebs, spiders, bones, feathers, or eyes!

Here are more than 40 ideas of DIY Halloween wreaths to get inspired!

With all these options you should have plenty of ideas for your Halloween DIY arts and crafts now! Enjoy this holiday since it lasts for only one day!

For even more suggestions, take a look at the DIY ideas and things to do for Halloween that we prepared in 2018.