Thursday, September 12, 2013

Future-proof your fundraiser with an end-of-campaign or follow-up message

Keep Calm It's Not Over Yet

Keep Calm It's Not Over Yet

Whether you are a novice or a veteran FundScrip Group Administrator, you are most certainly aware that that your work isn't completely done at the point where your order date closes or even when the group's donations cheque has been issued, right?

Yes, you achieved (we hope) your fundraising goal but you can't leave everyone who helped your cause hanging there with no follow up news. Your supporters need deserve to hear from you one more time (at the very least). This message is a must-have for both event-based Administrator Ordering campaigns or ongoing/long-term Supporter Ordering campaigns. That is, if you ever intend to contact them in the future about other fundraisers.

For FundScrip Group Administrators, it's as easy as logging in and using the Group Broadcast tool in the FundScrip Program Manager to send supporters a message which wraps up the campaign but also leaves the door open for subsequent fundraising efforts.

Here a few points of interest which could help you compose a great end of campaign or campaign follow up message:

  • Reiterate your group's fundraising goal > the reason why you needed to fundraise in the first place;
  • Explain how much of a difference your supporters have made to your group > where their money is going;
  • Give acknowledgement to the highest-ranking supporters in your campaign > there are always a few fundraising champions;
  • Extend words of praise to your indispensable volunteers > again, there are always volunteer rock stars;
  • Thank your supporters for their donations and for supporting your cause > gently hinting for support in the future.

The act of "keeping your supporters in the loop" is a simple and effective way to future-proof your fundraising efforts. Try it for yourself!