Thursday, October 15, 2020

FundScrip - The Healthy Fundraiser

Remember the kids who would go door-to-door selling overpriced and unhealthy junk food to fund an activity? These days governments are recommending that people maintain a more healthy and balanced lifestyle, and it’s for that reason that fundraising needs to reinvent itself as well.

Enter the FundScrip fundraising program, where participants get the freedom to make healthy choices. With more than 250 retailers, in different categories such as food, clothing, electronics or other, supporters can purchase healthy products that fit with a healthy lifestyle.

Moreover, by taking advantage of the FundScrip platform, you can engage your supporters through our convenient online tools while avoiding door-to-door sales.

FundScrip has previously been recommended as a healthy fundraising program, but we like to think that FundScrip is the stress-free fundraiser that offers you the freedom of choice.