FundScrip announces Direct Shipping

FundScrip (powered by Fundstream Inc.) announced today the launch of Direct Shipping which is a new form of delivery for supporters wanting to help raise funds for the cause of their choice. FundScrip’s traditional fulfillment model allows groups such as schools and churches to manage the distribution of gift cards through one central location thereby increasing efficiency and funds raised.

The new Direct Shipping delivery option allows for the delivery of gift cards to anywhere Canada Post delivers in Canada, allowing individuals who cannot easily access the pick-up point of their chosen cause to participate and support their FundScrip fundraiser – as well as those who would like to send gift cards as gifts directly to the recipient.

FundScrip Groups can complement their traditional delivery options with Direct Shipping. Some additional benefits of Direct Shipping are:

  • Now those wanting to support a FundScrip Group no longer need to live nearby;
  • Now remote friends and family of FundScrip Supporters can also contribute to a cause;
  • Now all those in a support database for whom it is just not practical to pick up their order from a Group’s distribution point can participate;
  • Now FundScrip Supporters can place orders off-schedule, at their leisure to do any of the following:
    • Buy gifts;
    • Make impulse purchases;
    • Take advantage of FundScrip promotions and contests; or
    • Simply to make order payments coincide with their payday

If you are a FundScrip Group Administrator, please click here for more information.

If you are a FundScrip Supporter, please click here for more information.