FundScrip Survey Results: Here's what you told us

Survey Results: Here’s What You Told Us

Survey Results: Here’s What You Told Us

Again this year, we sent out a survey to our Group Administrators and Supporters to find out how and why they choose our gift card fundraising program.

After compiling the information, we thought you might also be interesting in some of the results.

Satisfaction rate

91 percent of Group Administrators and Supporters are very to somewhat satisfied with their experience at FundScrip.

We are also proud that 95 percent of our Administrators and Supporters report that they would recommend the FundScrip program to others.

Noteworthy results

We also found that in some cases, some responses might be a good indicator of a group’s performance.

For instance, we discovered that only:

45% of Group Administrator survey respondents always / often promote FundScrip’s Monthly Promotions

And only;

34% of FundScrip Supporter respondents have frequent contact with their Group Administrator

With everything that is known how communications is an essential aspect of any fundraiser, we would like to see these figures grow next year.

We can all do better!

On the subject of Social Media

We also discovered that Social Media use is growing among our hard-working fundraising user-base with 83 percent of FundScrip Supporters reporting that they have a Social Media profile.

In addition, among those with an online profile, an impressive 57 percent have a Facebook page.

The Take Away: It’s time to take your FundScrip campaign to Facebook!

For years, we have been boasting the merits of our program as a perfect complementary fundraiser and it seems as 67 percent of FundScrip Group Administrators agree because they plan to run their gift card fundraising campaign for over two years or more.

Look for the next survey to go out sometime in late Spring 2015, so make sure to remember to participate. We look forward to seeing the results!