Thursday, October 10, 2019

How to Convince Your Group to Participate in Your FundScrip Fundraising Campaign

So you’ve discovered FundScrip and all of the advantages that gift card fundraising offers. Now you have to convince your group to buy into your campaign! We have a few solutions to help you with that.

First of all, when you’re a member of a group, whether it’s a school, a sports team, a musical group, or any other kind of group, the final choice of fundraising program can often be a collaborative endeavour.

To present the FundScrip fundraising program to your group, you should of course be active and take time to attend and be helpful at every one of your group's meetings. Listen to their ideas about which fundraising activities could be possible solutions. Since you chose FundScrip, how do you convince people that it’s the superior option?

The best way to showcase the advantages of the FundScrip gift card fundraising program is to point out the fact that FundScrip represents the best value for money. When you buy a $100 gift card, you pay $100, but you also raise funds at the same time. Most other fundraising programs force you to sell products that are way more expensive than the real value of the items. With gift cards, you get the real value of the product, and you can use it for your regular expenses, so it won’t be an extra expense like when you buy a physical product that you didn’t choose and that you probably don't even need!

Also, with gift cards, there’s no need to make your children go door-to-door selling products in the neighborhood. Since everybody can use gift cards in their everyday life, you can just ask your friends and family to participate by making their daily purchases as normal while only changing their method of payment to use gift cards! Your group will be more than happy to skip the long and hard hours of door-to-door selling!

You can also point the fact that fundraising with gift cards is a healthier alternative to certain other types of fundraising campaigns.

If your group has other types of fundraising campaigns planned, you can also mention that you don’t have to choose between FundScrip and other fundraisers because FundScrip plays nice with other types of campaigns. For example, if someone in your group suggests a fundraising event, maybe a bake sale or a dinner, your group can always benefit from FundScrip at the same time. Discover how FundScrip can be a great complement to your fundraising events.

In addition, FundScrip is easy to use, has a ton of retailers you can choose, the shipping is fast and cheap, and there are always promotions running to help you to raise even more funds!

Now that you’ve armed yourself with a few key arguments, you can inform your group about how FundScrip is a simple and extremely effective fundraising solution raise money for your cause!

Need even more help to present FundScrip to your group? Make sure you read through our How it Works section, and fill out the form to receive a free information kit.