Thursday, August 22, 2013

How to meet your fundraising goals every time

How to meet your fundraising goals every time

How to meet your fundraising goals every time

Ever wonder why some groups seem to knock it out of the park when it comes to their fundraising goals? What do they have (or do) that you don't?

Sometimes the difference between a group achieving its fundraising goals and one that does not is a matter of approach. Fundraising is neither a build it and they will come nor is it a wait-and-see proposition.

Fundraising is more like: be consistent and be proactive.

Set Deadlines and Responsibilities

If your group is as scattered and inefficient you will keep out would-be supporters. If your group is organized and credible you will attract would-be supporters. Which are you?

Focus on Individual Supporters

Consistent exchanges with the people who want to see you succeed is a terrific way to build strong bonds of support for your cause. When you prioritize your supporters, your supporters prioritize your cause.

Track Supporters through the Fundraising Funnel

Fundraising Funnel: the cycle of prospecting, cultivating and asking. There's no secret here: just keep repeating this cycle until you reach your target. Oh and never ever ever forget to say "Thank You". It's a fundraising must!

Build Fundraising Networks

Networks are all about referrals. Once you have good rapport with your supporters, it's much easier to ask them about who else might be able to help and contribute to the cause in turn expanding your fundraising network.

Tell a Great Story

Don't be boring - be inspiring. Focus on what the money raised will do for your group and tell that story again and again rather than directing attention to the number of dollars raised overall. Remember that everyone likes to hear that they made something happen.

Forget about leaving your fundraiser to chance. Get organized and you'll triumph over past fundraising flops.