Writing your very own fundraising manifesto

Writing your very own fundraising manifesto

Writing your very own fundraising manifesto

As far back as the 15th Century, individual groups, political parties and governments have used manifestos as a declaration of intention for policies, views and goals. Everyone has heard of the United States Declaration of Independence – right? Yes, that’s a manifesto!

Manifestos establish a guiding vision, which is important because it lays down the groundwork to a purpose and an end result, or ultimately “how we want to make the world a better place”.

We all know that setting a goal is a fundamental part of fundraising, but so is describing the motivation behind your fundraising campaign. This is why a manifesto can provide a path to success. It can affirm your group’s commitment and purpose to the cause and, more importantly, it should add detail as to why others should join you in support.

When correctly executed, fundraising manifestos promote your group or cause when you are not there to do it in person. They can be printed up and handed out at meet ups, posted on bulletin boards and common areas as well as shared on websites, blogs and social media pages and that’s only for starters.

Don’t worry; a manifesto doesn’t have to be a 10-page dissertation. Short and sweet can do the job as long as you can provide meaning and context to these three simple statements:

We believe…

We want to live in a world where…

Here’s what we know for sure….

A fundraising manifesto can be a powerful tool and can help rally your community around your cause.

What will your manifesto declare?