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Over $15 Million Dollars Raised

Over $15 Million Dollars Raised

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Win Free Food for a Year with Cara's Ultimate Dining Card
(One Entry for Every $50 Purchased)
Win Free Food for a Year with Cara's Ultimate Dining Card (One Entry for Every $50 Purchased)
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Shopping is Fundraising

Supporters simply pay for their purchases with gift cards bought from FundScrip.

Proven & Trusted

Since 2004, Canadians have put their faith in FundScrip to raise money for causes they care about.

No Product Sales

No need to ask friends, family, and colleagues to buy over-priced stuff they wouldn't otherwise.

Reloadable Gift Cards Are Here

Use reloadable gift cards to support your group!

How Does FundScrip Work?

FundScrip is an established, Canada-wide fundraising program in which your supporters pay for their shopping (groceries, gas, home & garden, entertainment, restaurants, and much more) with gift cards bought from FundScrip; thereby automatically generating contributions to your cause. Really, you're just asking them to change their method of payment!

FundScrip Success Stories


Raised by Etobicoke Youth Band


Raised by École Vision Beauce


Raised by École secondaire du Versant

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Groups Across Canada Use FundScrip Every Day

Schools & Daycares

What Kind of Schools Use FundScrip?

  • Pre-school, Nursery Schools and Daycares
  • Public & Private Elementary Schools
  • Public & Private Secondary Schools
  • College / CÉGEP / Universities
  • International Schools

What Goals are Schools Fundraising For?

  • Schools Trips
  • Schools Fees
  • Extra-Curricular Activities
  • General Purpose Fundraising
  • Supporting Charitable Organizations

Sports Teams & Clubs

What Kind of Teams & Clubs Use FundScrip?

  • Hockey & Ringuette Teams
  • Soccer & Rugby Teams
  • Speed & Figure Skating Clubs
  • Swimming & Aquatics Clubs
  • Dance Clubs & Cheerleading
  • Boy Scouts & Girl Guides
  • Gymnastics
  • Tennis

What Goals are Teams & Clubs Fundraising For?

  • Team & Club Fees
  • Tournament Trips
  • Competition Costs
  • Recital Performances
  • Sports/Club Equipment
  • Travel Expenses
  • General Purpose Fundraising

Churches & Religious Groups

What Kind of Faith & Service Organizations Use FundScrip?

  • Churches
  • Synagogues
  • Temples
  • Mosques
  • Service Organizations

What Goals are Faith & Service Organizations Fundraising For?

  • Resource Materials
  • Renovation Fund
  • General Operating Fund
  • Supporting Charitable Organizations

Community Organizations

What Kind of Community & Non-Profit Organizations Use FundScrip?

  • Community Centres
  • Foundations
  • Drop-In Centres
  • Senior Centres
  • Food Banks

What Goals are Community & Non-Profit Organizations Fundraising For?

  • Community Intitiatives
  • After-School Programs
  • Teen Programs
  • Healthcare

Cultural Groups

What Kind of Cultural Groups Use FundScrip?

  • Singing Groups
  • Folk & Cultural Dance Groups
  • Choirs & Choruses
  • Barber Shop Quartets
  • Bands

What Goals are Cultural Groups Fundraising For?

  • Recitals & Performances
  • Instruments
  • Travel Costs
  • Professional Training

Canada's Leading Gift Card Fundraising Program

Scrip fundraising for schools, sports teams and clubs, churches, community organizations and more

Fundscrip: The Perfect Fundraiser for Charities

We've helped charities & non-profits for 10+ years. Simply buy gift cards to earn funds.

  • For Employees

    Whether it's for personal expenses or to motivate them, you can always give your employees gift cards and earn money while they shop for their everyday items!
  • For Internal Needs

    Maintaining a business or a non-profit requires all types of expenses; grocery, gas, household products. You could be earning money for all of these.
  • For Donors & Volunteers

    You can thank donors and volunteers for their time & support with gift cards while getting earnings.
  • For Special Events

    Wheter you're organizing an event or enjoying a special holidays, gift cards can save you money while organizing it and make great gifts.