• How to Keep Your Fundraiser Supporters Engaged

    Apr 25, 2017

    Starting a fundraiser has big implications, which can be scary when we don’t know where to start. Our group administrators must have asked themselves at one point: “What now?”. Starting a group is one thing, but engaging supporters is another. Here are a few tips on how to keep your supporters active.

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  • FundScrip, Non-Profit Fundraisers’ Best Friend

    Apr 20, 2017

    A non-profit fundraising’s purpose is something other than making a profit - funds are raised for a cause or a mission. We all know that it can be hard, as not everyone is willing to give out their money without getting anything in return. FundScrip is non-profit fundraisers' perfect match!

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  • L'école alternative Le Sentier Raise $8,775 with FundScrip

    Apr 18, 2017

    L'école alternative Le Sentier is an elementary alternative school located in Boisbriand, Quebec and has now raised $8,775 at this date. Fanny Leblond, group administrator, has a few words regarding her FundScrip experience.

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  • Baseball Team Fundraising Ideas

    Apr 13, 2017

    Enrolling your child in a sport such as baseball can be expensive. Camp, gear, registration fees… add them all up, and you’ll see that it gets pricey very quickly. Let’s not forget the time and all the traveling invested in every practices, games and tournaments! Lucky for you, there are ways to reduce these costs.

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  • FundScrip Schedule Adjustments for Victoria Day

    Apr 11, 2017

    Victoria Day on May 22, 2017 will affect FundScrip's regular ordering and delivery schedule. Please refer to the table to see how this will affect your group's ordering and delivery schedule.

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  • Les Petits Chanteurs de Laval Raise $2,450 in a 5 Month Period

    Apr 06, 2017

    With the FundScrip program, Les Petits Chanteurs de Laval, with their amazing potential, have raised an amount of $2,450 in a 5 month period. Josée, group administrator, is proud of her team.

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  • FundScrip Supports 5 Amazing Groups

    Apr 03, 2017

    FundScrip groups work so hard to raise funds and this hard work is not left unnoticed. We are so proud to be part of their successful stories and wonderful accomplishments. Today, we would like to feature 5 of them to show our support!

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  • FundScrip's April 2017 Promotions

    Mar 30, 2017

    Here are the April 2017 promotions! Beginning on March 31st until April 27th before 9:30 AM ET, we're offering supporters earnings increases to a few of our retailers: Giant Tiger, Cara's Ultimate Dining Card, Life Experiences & WaySpa.

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  • Les Pirouettes Adultes Raise Over $36,000 with FundScrip

    Mar 28, 2017

    Since 2010, some families have been raising money to help them pay for national synchronized skating. Thanks to FundScrip, they raised more than $36,000.

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  • DIY: Gift Card Holder for Easter

    Mar 23, 2017

    Easter is coming soon and what's better than offering a gift card? We have the answer and the tools for you: a gift card in a easter-themed gift card holder! Easy to make in a few steps, you'll see by yourself that this gift card holder will make your gift more cute and fun to offer and to receive!

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