Electronic Funds Transfer

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) is our most popular payment method. Over 85% of FundScrip supporters pay this way.

Why is EFT the most popular payment method?

  • It's free – maximizes donations with no processing fees!
  • It's easier – streamlines ordering because once active you’ll never need to enter payment information again!
  • It's faster – receive your orders sooner than with Online Bill Payment because your account is automatically debited at the time your orders are processed.
  • It's convenient – allows you to create recurring orders – just set it, and forget it!

How do I pay by EFT?

To pay by EFT you must have an active EFT account with us. To do so, simply complete the EFT Application form, sign it, and fax or email it to us ensuring to affix a void cheque of an account for which you personally have signing authority. The bank account should always be in the name of the actual FundScrip user.