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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it really a free program? What's the catch?
Yes, it is really a free program, there is no catch. Our retail partners want to develop customer loyalty, support worthwhile causes, and sell gift cards. We have created a program that does all three. Supporters pay face value for the gift cards, and a percentage is donated to the cause of their choice. Under certain conditions we pass on fees for certain shipping methods, and when using certain payment types. You will be advised in advance if any fees apply - it will never be a surprise. For a list of all fees associated with the program, please consult our Fees Page.
How secure is our online ordering?
Ordering from FundScrip is as secure as ordering from any large ecommerce site, like them we use the same encryption technology as all the major banks, and have our servers stored in secure facilities. We take security very seriously, our reputation depends on it.
How much work does this involve?
Like every fundraiser, FundScrip requires some effort, particularly when first launching the program. The amount of time required to run the program depends on the configuration, the size, and the goal, among other factors. FundScrip provides time saving tools, and you can always give us a call and we'll be happy to help.
What are some fundraising ideas for getting the most out of my FundScrip program?
You can visit the FundScrip fundraising ideas page for some tips on how to optimize your campaign.
How does my group receive its donations?
At your request, up to two (2) times per year (starting from your group’s enrollment date), FundScrip will mail you a donations cheque at no cost. Additionally, the following are the rules governing the issuance of donations payments:
  • The amount owing must be in excess of $10.00
  • Each additional donations request, beyond the two (2) free requests per year, will incur a fee of $20.00, to be deducted from the donations
  • Only donations from orders processed at least two (2) weeks prior to the request will be included in the payment; this is to account for any shipping charges, returns, rejected payments, or balance adjustments
  • The correct beneficiary name and mailing address must be confirmed prior to the cheque being issued
  • Reissuing a donations cheque to a different address, or reissuing a lost, or stale-dated donations cheque incurs a fee of $20.00
Are the gift cards from the retailers themselves, or from FundScrip?
All our gift cards come from the retailers themselves; so you can be certain they'll be accepted when you use them.
Do the gift cards expire?
None of our gift cards have expiration dates. Regulation of gift cards is under provincial jurisdiction; and all Canadian provinces have specific laws prohibiting expiration dates on gift cards.
Can the gift cards be used in the United States?
Unless specified on the back of the card, they cannot be used in the United States.
Can the gift cards be used online?
Some can, and some cannot be used online. Please verify with the specific retailer.
What happens if I lose or never receive my gift cards?
Contact FundScrip and we'll do our best to assist you.
What happens if my gift card won't work?
Contact FundScrip and we'll do our best to assist you.
How do I become a participating retailer?
Join the Fundstream Retailer Network.