How Does
FundScrip Work?

Buy gift cards, raise funds.

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How Does FundScrip Work?

Buy gift cards, raise funds.

The Basic Concept

Encourage supporters of your campaign to pay for their everyday expenses & gifts with gift cards bought from FundScrip. Each purchase automatically includes a donation to the campaign. The supporter isn't out of pocket, and they shop where they would normally shop.


Buy $100, Get $100

Buy cards at face value, get face value at the retailers - you lose nothing


Shop As Usual

With cards from over 230 leading retailers, there's no need to change your shopping habits


Pay With Gift Cards

Pay with gift cards instead of credit/debit/cash for your everyday items & gifts


Raise Funds

Each purchase automatically includes a donation for your group that can quickly add up over time

Participating Retailers

With an extensive and growing selection of retailers from a wide variety of categories, everyone is sure to find their favourites. This makes it easy to pay for your day-to-day purchases with gift cards instead of cash, credit or debit.

How Much Money Can My Group Make?

Number of Supporters Typical Annual Donations
10 Supporters $3,420
20 Supporters $6,840
50 Supporters $17,100

Donations Calculator

Find out how much money you and your group can raise with FundScrip.

Funds Raised Since 2004

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FundScrip Success Stories


Raised by Etobicoke Youth Band


Raised by École Vision Beauce


Raised by Barrie Trojan Swim Club

The FundScrip Program is...


$20+ Million Raised All-Time

In fundraising, results are what counts. Our results speak for themselves.

Helping Canadians Since 2004

Since 2004, we've helped many thousands of groups across Canada achieve some amazing things.


Distribution Options

Send your orders to the destination of your choice all together in one package, or have each order packed in its own envelope and custom sorted for you to easily distribute.

Donations Tracking

Real-time reporting lets you track donations by supporter, order history, and much more. Let our Program Manager do the accounting for you.


Exceptional Customer Service

At FundScrip, customers come first - it's part of our culture, as evidenced by our growing number of loyal and satisfied customers. And yes, you can talk with a live human.

Fulfillment Promise

With FundScrip there are no back orders. We pride ourselves on always having your cards available.

Canada's Leading Gift Card Fundraising Program

Scrip fundraising for schools, sports teams and clubs, churches, community organizations and more