Thursday, April 09, 2020

3 Ways Gift Cards Help Avoid Viruses

At this time of the year, when changes an increase in temperature will be felt as spring arrives, some people go overboard peeling off the layers and jumping right to shorts and t-shirts. As the saying goes, till April's dead, change not a thread - meaning don’t undress too quickly or you might catch a cold.

These days, we're thinking about avoiding viruses in every way possible, therefore we present to you three ways in which gift cards can help you avoid catching or spreading a virus:

1. Cash Can Be a Conduit for Spreading Disease

The latest research indicates that paper money and coins are potential vectors of transmissible disease. So, nothing better than getting a supply of gift cards that will come directly from the manufacturer and that will therefore not have passed through many hands, and thus avoid any possible risks of contamination.

2. Electronics Gift Cards

Using electronic gift cards is also a great way to avoid handling cash. One, because there is obviously no physical contact, and two, because you often don't have to go to a public place to use them and thus save yourself from being in a crowd where the potential risk of contamination by human contact is present.

3. Use Gift Cards Online

Some of our retailers offer you the opportunity to shop online and use a gift card as a payment method upon checkout. Take advantage of this and have your purchases be delivered to your home. We’ve written an article on how to redeem gift cards online.

Gift cards are therefore an ideal solution to reduce the spread of viruses, whether you use electronic or physical gift cards!

As a final note, given the current situation, it's a good idea to follow the best guidelines for preventing and avoiding being affected by a virus. Here are the recommendations from the Canadian government to prevent the spread of a virus as well as some additional information from the Quebec government.