Thursday, October 17, 2019

3 Ways to Take Advantage of Gift Cards for Halloween

Halloween is a fun (and spooky) holiday that both children and adults alike enjoy! It’s also a great occasion to help you raise more funds with your FundScrip campaign by using gift cards to prepare for the Halloween festivities properly.

1. Use gift cards to buy the candies you plan to give out

Whether you’re shopping at big box stores or in grocery stores, we have dozens of retailers that are selling Halloween sweets. You’ll be able to easily use gift cards to pay for this expense!

Also, get your neighbours involved by asking them if they could help you with your fundraising campaign by buying gift cards to pay for their Halloween and other expenses.

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2. Buy decorations and accessories for your Halloween party

If you’re planning a Halloween party this year, all the expenses necessary for this event could be paid for with gift cards. No matter what your budget is, it’s a no-brainer to take advantage of a Halloween party to raise funds using gift cards.You can use gift cards not only for decorations, but also to prepare Halloween snack or meals, so don't forget about the grocery stores gift cards!

During the party, you can also plan a moment to promote your campaign among your guests. This is the ideal occasion to collect a extra gift card orders. Simply print out paper order forms and quickly collect the orders without disturbing the party. You can also tell your guests in advance to make sure that they’ll bring their payment, or write down your guests email addresses and collect payment later. Choose the right moment, like when each guest arrives, or when everybody is gathered together. You’ll certainly raise a lot of funds in one night!

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3. Give gift cards instead of candies

Here’s an original idea! Everybody will be distributing candies and chocolate, but why not switch things up a little by giving out gift cards? It can be a healthier choice than candies, because people can buy whatever they want with them. To keep it a healthy choice, you can choose retailers that do not sell candies, but that’s not a requirement - it's still Halloween after all! Giving out gift cards can be a good alternative because a lot of your neighbors will be giving sugary treats. Also, there’s no need to spend a fortune on it! Choose retailers that offer $5 or $10 gift card denominations. You could also choose to give candies to trick-or-treaters and keep the gift cards for your Halloween party guests!

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There are so many ways to use Halloween to boost your fundraising campaign! You can also check out our article from last year: Get ready for Halloween with these 11 giftcard retailers.

Enjoy and have fun! Happy Halloween :)