Thursday, January 17, 2019

4 Reasons Why Meeting in Person Is Important

Technology is great, as social media and emails make it a lot easier and faster to communicate a message. Social media communication is a must, but it's a complement rather than a substitute for meeting people in person. Face-to-face communication has its advantages, so here's why meeting in person is so important for your campaign.

Increase Their Motivation

In-person communication is a lot more personal, which makes it easier to motivate members and potential members. Interacting in person allows you to look them in the eyes and tell them exactly what they need to know.

Taking the time to meet with them also shows the importance of their implication and the importance of the cause. It's a great way to get people's attention and increases the potential of being heard. If you take the time to meet with them, they will more likely be motivated.

Make Them Commit

People are more invested when they're in front of someone. If someone makes a commitment to another person face-to-face, they are more likely to follow through on that than if it's simply online. It's a positive form of "peer pressure" or "social pressure" that gets people more motivated.

Perceiving Body Language

According to Dr. Albert Mehrabian's 7-38-55% Rule, elements of personal communication consist of 7% spoken words, 38% voice and tone, and 55% body language. Therefore, in-person communication is great to share the importance of the cause in ways that online messages can't and won't. Not only will they hear it, but they will also see it, perceive it.

Create a Community

The more people feel implicated, the more they will be involved. A great way to have active participating members is to create a community. Meeting with them in person is allowing a bond to be created and trust to be enhanced, which is very important in creating a community. You want people to feel like they belong in your group and communicating face-to-face will help them feel more connected to the cause.

FundScrip is great because it's kind of like free money, but in reality, it's not. The cost is that you have to convince people to change their shopping behaviour, which isn't an easy thing to do. FundScrip administrators consistently say that getting supporters to participate is one of the hardest things. Meeting with them is more work up front, but you'll gain the rewards by having a more successful fundraising campaign in the end.