Wednesday, May 15, 2019

5 Fundraising Ideas to Complement Your FundScrip Campaign This Summer

Summer is coming and there are great ways to boost your donations this season. You can organize other fundraising events as a complement to your FundScrip fundraising campaign. For each event, get people together and pass around paper order forms. You can also have a booth to sell gift cards in person! Lucky for you, we thought about a few events that you should totally try during the flower blooming season.

Host a Food Festival

You don’t like the food or festival during summer! Organize a lobster party, barbecue, a corn roast, or the ever popular spaghetti dinner. Create a concessions stand in your backyard to sell goods and snacks during your home-made festival. Put some music on, invite your friends, families, neighbors, and in no time you’ll have a summer food festival that everyone will remember. Set up some outdoor seating and charge an entrance fee to your party to raise funds.

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Run an Auction

As recommended in our last post about fundraising ideas during the spring season, you’ve probably found some extra unused items while cleaning. Why not run an auction and have your supporter bid on the items you're willing to part with? If you’re more ambitious, have your supporters and local businesses donate items for the auction. They’ll appreciate the publicity, and you’ll be able to raise even more funds for your group. You can also sell gift cards during the auction, or even pre-purchase a few gift cards with high discounts, and auction them off directly.

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Host a Pool Party

Everybody knows how hot it can get during the summer. If you have a pool, why not organize a pool party? Set up games in, or beside, the pool. A little competition never hurts, and it’s always entertaining. You can even make the supporters vote for a winner.

If you don’t have a pool, don’t worry, we have an idea even cooler; a water-balloon fight! Create teams who will compete against each other, or just sell water balloons during the party and see what will happen next. Fun for everyone guaranteed.

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Organize a Car Wash

It may be old-fashioned but it always works. It’s a classic summer fundraising idea, but now with social media, it’s even easier to organize and advertise. Promote your car wash on social media to your local community. And the best is that you will only need a few basic things, volunteers, water, soap and some towels. You can even take the opportunity to advertise your fundraising campaign, place signs, distribute flyers, or sell gift cards in person.

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Organize a Sporting Event

Swim-o-thon, Run-o-thon, Walk-o-thon, the “thon” ideas are endless. Charge a small registration fee and have your participants gather sponsorships from their family, friend or complete strangers for distance walked, biked, or swam.

If you are more traditional, a summer golf tournament always works. You probably have a brother, sister, dad, best friend or someone you know that loves that sport and likes to compete. If you’re not a golf person, no problem. Instead, organize a soccer, tennis or football tournament.

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