Thursday, November 08, 2018

5 Fundraising Ideas to Complement Your FundScrip Campaign This Winter

There are great ways to boost your donations this Winter. You can organize other fundraising events as a complement to your FundScrip fundraising campaign. For each event, get people together and pass around paper order forms. You can also have a booth to sell gift cards in person! Lucky for you, we thought about a few events that you should totally try during the cold season.

Winter Olympics

Snow isn't just cold and pretty to look at - it can be fun, and this is what Winter Olympics are about! Keep your supporters active with a day full of fun challenges. You can buy grocery gift cards and everything that you need for each activity. Raise money by selling tickets and snacks and drinks that you can buy with the grocery gift cards. Here are a few ideas of Winter sports and activities that you could include:

  • Bobsled Race
  • Hockey
  • Obstacle Course
  • Speed Skating
  • Snowball Throw
  • Snowman Competition

Spaghetti Dinner

Spaghetti dinner is a classic event and is always a good reason to get the community together. It's fun, it's simple and it's delicious! Get a local restaurant to sponsor the event if you can, that way you can raise even more money. Purchase gift cards through FundScrip to buy everything you need for the event and to raise donations at the same time.

Healthy Bake Sale

One thing that's great about FundScrip fundraising is that it's healthy, unlike usual bake sales. However, there's a way to put them together and raise donations while keeping everything healthy. Our grocery retailers have recipes online including healthier alternatives to baked goods. Pick a recipe, buy gift cards to pay for the ingredients and start baking!

Christmas Party

Christmas can be celebrated in so many ways and with so many different people. Think about work, family and friends, only to name a few. It's the perfect occasion to raise money - use gift cards for gift exchanges, to buy decorations and food, and don't forget that you can sell gift cards in person! It's the season of giving and the occasion to raise awareness around your cause.

Home Made Sugar Shack

We, as Canadians, are often associated to maple syrup and with good reason. After the Holidays and right before warmer days, comes the Sugar Shack period that we all love. Ham, sausages, baked beans, scrambled eggs, pork rinds, pancakes... and let's not forget sugar pie and maple taffy on the snow. All these goodies can be easily made at home, so a home made Sugar Shack event is surely interesting to raise donations while having fun! Again, our grocery retailers will have everything you need for the occasion, so don't forget to buy your gift cards.