Maximize Back-to-School Fundraising with FundScrip Promotions

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Back-to-school season is a great time for successful fundraising! As the rhythm of daily life resumes and organizations regroup after the summer break, administrators can leverage this moment to supercharge their fundraising efforts. Whether you’re planning short-term campaigns with specific targets or aiming to invigorate long-term initiatives, now is your moment to shine. With the period between back-to-school and the holidays being a prime fundraising window for many groups, the time to act is now. Increase your revenues and generate excitement by showcasing FundScrip’s retailer promotions. The fundamental message is clear: supporters purchase gift cards for their routine expenses while your group reaps the benefits of up to 5% additional earnings on each gift card sold. It’s a win-win!

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Elevate Your Fall Fundraising With Effective Newsletters

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Did you know that newsletters are a great tool for boosting your fall fundraising? Organizations use newsletters to engage with their audiences, and you can leverage this tool to elevate your fundraising efforts. Unlike standard emails, newsletters are visually appealing, allow for images and videos, and can guide readers to websites such as your FundScrip fundraising page, using engaging buttons. The best part? Crafting and sending newsletters is a straightforward process, making this tool accessible to most. This article offers tips on launching a successful newsletter campaign to boost your fundraising initiatives.

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Boost Your Fundraiser With a Back-to-School Group Order

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Back-to-school season is just around the corner! It’s a time when students, teachers, and school staff need various supplies and essentials for the upcoming academic year. As a group administrator, you can leverage this opportunity to enhance your fundraising efforts by organizing a group order of gift cards. In this article, we’ll provide you with valuable tips to maximize the success of your back-to-school fundraising campaign.

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The Psychology Behind Changing Payment Behaviour

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In the world of fundraising, organizations like FundScrip offer a seemingly effortless way to raise money for various causes. Shifting supporter payment behaviour, however, can be more difficult than anticipated for fundraiser administrators. Many supporters are accustomed to using credit cards for convenience and rewards, making it challenging to persuade them to change their payment method to using gift cards for regular shopping, which requires more forethought. Unlike credit/debit cards that allow for impulse purchases, using gift cards requires planning since they have to be ordered and received before shopping with them. However, by understanding the psychology behind payment behaviour, administrators can employ effective strategies to encourage supporters to adopt gift cards and purchase them with FundScrip's no-fee payment methods.

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The Benefits of Gift Card Fundraising for Schools and Educational Institutions

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When it comes to raising money for schools and educational institutions, finding effective and convenient fundraising methods is of the utmost importance. One solution that has gained popularity and has proven successful is FundScrip. As a gift card fundraising platform, FundScrip offers numerous benefits that make it a healthy and manageable alternative to traditional fundraisers. With a long-standing history of supporting school fundraising groups, FundScrip has become a trusted and reliable choice for educational institutions.

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