6 Creative Ways to Use Gift Cards for Mother’s Day

Mother's Day is fast approaching and we know you want to spoil them. This year, why not try something out of the ordinary and make your own gifts? We’ve found six simple DIY ideas for you to offer a gift card to mom in an original way.

1. Make Cute Hand Painted Clay Pins and Offer It With a Gardening Gift Card

With this DIY tutorial, you can make clay pins and decorate them with paint. You will even find patterns to recreate the shapes proposed in the tutorial. You could then hang them on an envelope with seeds and gift it with a card from one of our home and garden retailers like Home Depot.

2. Make Candles and Give Her a Spa Gift Card

This tutorial will show you how to easily make a candle with only 2 ingredients and a few accessories. With essential oils, the candle will disperse fragrances that promote relaxation. Pair the candles with a gift card that will allow mom to relax even more, like from WaySpa.

3. Make Coasters and Gift Them With a Gift Card for Drinks

On this site, you will find 30 ideas for do-it-yourself coasters. Just choose the ones that are easiest for you depending on what material you have on hand. You can combine the coasters with a gift card from a retailer like David’s Tea, where mom can choose a few hot drinks to make for a relaxing evening at home.

4. Make a Homemade Makeup Remover and Gift It With a Makeup Card

This simple tutorial will explain how to make a homemade natural makeup remover, with only 3 ingredients! You can then gift it with a makeup gift card, like our retailer Sephora.

5. Make Origami Bookmarks and Gift Them With a Gift Card for Books

This origami project is very simple to carry out, even if you’ave never done it before. Choose a beautiful paper, like those for scrapbooking for example, and make one or more bookmarks. You can then offer the bookmarks with a gift card from one of our book retailers, such as Archambault.

6. Make a Brush Holder and Give It With a Card to Buy Materials

Here’s a nice tutorial for using recycled materials that can be done very easily! Along with the brush holder you can offer a gift card to buy art supplies, like at our specialty retailer such as DeSerres.