6 Simple but Effective Church Fundraising Ideas

FundScrip works very well for church fundraising because it allows for year-round, consistent participation. In order to help you succeed with your FundScrip campaign, here a few fundraising ideas to help you maximize your donations for your church:

1. Organize an Information Session

Take advantage of an existing meeting to talk to your congregation about the FundScrip fundraising program. Explain how the program works, and make sure to include your fundraising objectives, goals and reasons for why you’re raising funds; this is what motivates people!

2. Set up a Booth at Local Events

Make sure you set up a booth or table at your church or local community events to spread the word about your fundraising campaign. Even if your audience are not members of your church’s congregation, they will be glad to help out, and maybe you can find a few new members at the same time!

3. Sell in Person Each Week

Some churches who use FundScrip prefer to have their congregation take orders from their members using paper order forms, and then distribute those orders the next Sunday, while others simply pre-buy the most popular cards and sell them in person on the spot. Since most of your members will be at the church every week, why not try out the second option of buying gift cards in advance and selling them directly to your members? They’ll be happy to get their cards immediately without having to wait a whole week!

4. Show Your Campaign’s Progress

To make sure your members are still purchasing gift cards, find a place to showcase your campaign’s progress. It will serve as a useful reminder of your fundraising campaign, and your participating supporters will feel more engaged. It’s also a good idea to recognize those supporters who contribute the most, in order to inspire others to participate more!

5. Create a Fundraising Campaign Page on Your Website or Social Media

If you have a website or are active on social media, creating a specific page for your FundScrip fundraising campaign will help you reach even more people, while making it easy for existing supporters to share amongst their own social network.

6. Use FundScrip Gift Cards for Your Food Bank Program

Some churches use our gift card fundraising program as part of their food banks. They hand out grocery gift cards or food baskets purchased with gift cards to those in need. By using gift cards for food assistance instead of non-perishable goods, you help your community, simplify the management of your food bank program, all while raising additional funds for your church at the same time!

To see two examples of churches who have raised funds using gift cards as part of a food bank program, read the success stories of Glenview Presbyterian and Port Nelson United