6 Ways to Fundraise for Your Sports Team

We know each member of a sports team can use FundScrip to raise money to pay for their fees, but what if the sports team themselves took advantage of gift cards too? Yes, you've read it right. Your team can do both!

1. Team Accommodations

If the team has a tournament or a game out of the city, use hotel gift cards. FundScrip has different retailers who can accommodate your team. Who knew that staying in a hotel would raise donations?

2. Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners, Snacks

Eating is a need. Especially when you play sports and need an energy refill. Use grocery gift cards to prepare your players meals and considering that sports teams often like to celebrate a win or the end of the season with a dinner in a restaurant, use restaurants gift cards to pay!

3. Sports Gear

Every sport requires specific gear. Need shoes? Shorts? Tshirts? Whatever it is, get them from a FundScrip retailer. We offer different sports, apparel and department stores gift cards where you can gear up and raise donations at the same time.

4. Transport

Driving to practices, games and tournaments take gas. On a second thought, pretty much everywhere you go does. Fill up your tank using gas stations gift cards... fill up your group with donations!

5. Reward MVP Players

Who scored the most points? Who made the best improvement? Who was the team leader? Players need motivation and recognition. They put so much effort and energy and they must know that it is not left unnoticed. We have over 230 retailers, so buy a few gift cards and reward your players!

6. Reloadable and eGift Cards

Don't forget to use our reloadable feature and eGift cards! They're an easy way to make sure your cards are always loaded and to raise donations.