Warman Community Middle School in Saskatchewan Raises $8,600 in Just One Order

Parents and teachers from Warman Community Middle School (WCMS) in Saskatchewan raised roughly $8,600 with FundScrip in just one order using paper order forms. The local community newspaper, Clark’s Crossing Gazette, featured the fundraising achievement.

With the ultimate goal of raising $7, 500 for their extracurricular program, Greg Tebay, the principal of WCMS, issued a challenge where he would sleep on the roof of the school if the fundraising goal was met. Exceeding their expectations, WCMS surpassed the goal after only one order. “If we beat our goal then I would spend 24 hours on the roof of the school. We exceeded the goal by about $1,100. So here I am with my sleeping bag, my camp chair, my Coleman stove and coffeepot and my tarp”.

“We opted for a gift card campaign and it was really successful. It’s money the parents would be spending anyway on things they need, so it had a lot of buy-in from the students.” explained Tebay.

The school used the Admin Ordering with Paper Order Forms program type and are planning to continue using FundScrip next year.

Read the Clark’s Crossing Gazette article here.