Consistency Is the Secret to FundScrip Success

FundScrip works great during the holidays since everyone loves receiving gift cards, but is that all there is to running a successful FundScrip fundraising campaign? No, FundScrip also works well throughout the year, but you have to change your mindset and focus on the key factor for fundraising success: consistency.

You can compare running a fundraising campaign to practicing a sport. You need to train on a regular basis in order to increase your endurance and efficiency. The consistent purchase and usage of gift cards can be looked at in the same way so that you get the most out of your fundraising efforts. Purchasing gift cards on a regular basis, just like practicing for a sport, is the key to a successful FundScrip fundraising campaign, so you should push your supporters to order gift cards weekly or every two weeks to maximize donations.

Also, don’t forget some other less obvious ways gift cards can be used - to celebrate birthdays, used for thank you, or just to have on hand for other surprise occasions. The secret to ongoing success with FundScrip is to order gift cards consisten tly even after the holiday season!