Thursday, November 07, 2019

Develop Your Fundraising Plea for Support

Whether you’re a group administrator or just a supporter, you can always contribute to the fundraising efforts of your group by asking for the help of your circle of friends and family.

To encourage them to support you in your fundraising campaign, it’s important to have a well-developed plea for support. Having a well-prepared pitch will increase your success rate.

First, focus your argument on the cause for which you’re raising money. It might sound obvious, but people prefer to donate when they know their money will go to a good cause. Show your potential supporters the joy they’ll bring to the members of your group and the positive impact their contribution will have on your project.

You can also convince them by showing them your previous successes. If you’ve previously run other fundraising campaigns that achieved their goals, people will see that your new campaign is just as likely to succeed as the previous ones and that your goals for this fundraising campaign are realistic and achievable.

Don’t worry if it’s your first campaign, just by showcasing your cause people will probably be inclined to support even without previous results. Make sure your group has a public campaign page.

This public page makes it much easier to share your group’s campaign and all the information associated with it. It will help you save time by having all the key information about your campaign in one place. People can share it on social media platforms easily and give you even more visibility.

FundScrip also provides you with invitation letters. You can take advantage of these letters to circulate your fundraiser to potential supporters.

If your group is collecting orders with paper order forms, use this letter.

If your group has supporters place their own orders online, use this letter instead.

You can also target businesses in your area. You can approach them and ask if they’d like to support your cause. These companies may need gift cards anyways and will be happy to help you. Use our handy invitation letter for businesses to get you started.

All these resources will help you approach new members and fund your activities more easily. With a simple and practical invitation letter and a concise and well-prepared plea for support, you’ll have the elements necessary for a successful fundraiser!