Equipe Natation/Sturgeon Falls Swim Team Raises $9,085.67 with FundScrip

Equipe Natation/Sturgeon Falls Swim Team, located in Ontario, have raised $9,085.67. Using FundScrip, they have raised money to acquire equipment and cover other expenses.

The group administrator, Lise Savard, explains the reason behind her FundScrip fundraising campaign and its success :

Equipe de Natation/Sturgeon Falls Swim Team is an incorporated, not for profit competitive swim club. Our goals are to develop well-rounded athletes who are confident both in and out of the water, to have our athletes recognized for their technical excellence and to provide an atmosphere that promotes good sportsmanship and camaraderie. The Sharks coaching staff believe that swimming is a Sport for Life and we all strive to provide our athletes with a foundation, which will encourage them to continue this sport on a lifelong basis.
Our goal is to raise funds to help defray the costs of acquiring necessary equipment, coaches education and travel/lodging expenses, run specialized clinics and help keep our registration costs low. The team’s FundScrip fundraising efforts have been successful due to the relentless efforts of parents and team members. As Group Administrator, I send out messages on Facebook and through email. There are designated dates to bring the orders in with payment. Parents are not required to purchase any cards but we find that most will buy grocery or gas cards, as these products are needed on a daily basis. We have also found that buying in bulk has also helped, this way I always have cards available, and we also sell these cards at craft sows and special events. It has been a great experience!!