Experts Suggest FundScrip as Healthy Alternative to Traditional School Fundraisers

Back in April of this year, we were pleasantly surprised to see FundScrip being discussed by Yoni Freedhoff of Weighty Matters as an alternative to traditional fundraising efforts for Hospitals. Since then, the conversation about being smarter about how our large institutions fundraise has continued. This time in an article by Lois Abraham of The Canadian Press, the topic is one that is close to our hearts, the health of our students and how best to improve school fundraising.

We think it makes a lot of sense for FundScrip to be mentioned in any article about improving school fundraising. The FundScrip program has been proven to work well for schools since supporters get much more value out of gift cards and most importantly, anyone participating has the freedom to choose for themselves what products or services to purchase in order to raise funds. But if you’re reading this, you probably already know all the benefits of FundScrip over traditional fundraising!

From the article:

“We’re selling our kids’ health for peanuts and not only are we selling their health for peanuts, we’re teaching them it’s OK, that it’s normal to have junk food, that you should support causes by selling chocolate bars or that it is normal to have pizza every Thursday simply because it’s Thursday and that’s what happens on Thursdays,” says Freedhoff.
At his children’s school, they’ve sold spring bulbs and used a fundraising program called FundScrip, in which students sell gift cards for food, gas, clothing and hardware retailers where people are already shopping.

Amazingly, the article got picked up by media outlets right across the country!