Thursday, September 10, 2020

Fundraising Season in the Time of COVID

Whether you're going back to school in person or doing classes online, fundraising is needed now more than ever. Many have been affected by the crisis, and with the premature end of classes last spring, many trips and school activities have been affected.

Although the planning of school activities and trips may be uncertain for the time being, we can expect that these plans will be prioritized again as soon as possible.

Now is also the time of the year when fundraising is needed for extracurricular activities that start again after the summer holidays: Sports teams, group outings, cultural or singing groups, and of course school fundraisers to finance the various projects.

Why Restarting FundScrip is More Important Than Ever

Many organizations depend on community fundraising, and this current situation has impacted those groups negatively. Since FundScrip is the fundraiser where you can raise funds while doing your regular day-to-day shopping, like groceries, gas and others recurring expenses, FundScrip allows you to raise donations without changing your spending habits – even during a crisis.

How FundScrip Is the Solution

It's super easy and convenient to order gift cards online, and have them delivered directly to you without having to meet your group in person! You can also consult our list of retailers that allow online shopping with gift cards. If you're going to be in-store, it's also handy that you can use the gift cards without having to handle cash.

Compared to other types of fundraisers where face-to-face meetings are necessary, such as spaghetti dinners or door-to-door sales, FundScrip allows contactless fundraising that limits contamination.

Likewise, another benefit of FundScrip is the limited time COVID-19 Free Shipping rebate for qualifying orders placed via Direct Shipping! You will therefore receive your gift cards at home, without having to pay shipping costs.

With back to school this year and school projects resuming, FundScrip will be the perfect way to raise funds for all your activities!