COVID-19: FundScrip Remains in Operation

In recent weeks governments have issued a variety of regulations and guidelines, to citizens and businesses, as preventative measures to limit the spread of the COVID‑19 virus. In order to defeat the rapid spread of the virus, we must all work together, therefore FundScrip has also adapted how it operates.

FundScrip remains in operation and all orders are being processed as normal. Although non-essential retailers have temporarily closed their stores, many of them, like us, are still able to operate their online e-commerce websites.

We know that many of you rely on both the funds raised from FundScrip and the gift cards themselves to give to those in need, especially when it comes to the necessities like groceries and pharmacies. We remain committed to continuing our service during this time of crisis.

How FundScrip Operations Have Adapted

For Groups Who Have Been Paused

We are aware that many facilities are and may be closed indefinitely. If your group’s delivery destination is affected by the closure of any institution, please change your shipping address in your Group Administration Site or contact FundScrip customer service for assistance in changing your group’s address.

Free Shipping for Direct Shipping - Lettermail™ Orders

To help those in need during this difficult time, FundScrip is offering Free Shipping on all Direct Shipping - Lettermail™ orders between $200 and $500. Learn More: How Do I Qualify for the Lettermail™ Free Shipping Rebate?

Redeeming Gift Cards Online

To limit travel and human contact, FundScrip would like to remind its customers that a variety of retailers offer the opportunity to purchase gift cards that are redeemable online. In those cases, whatever type of card you have (plastic, electronics, or reloadable) you can use it directly on the retailer's website to make your purchase from the comfort of your home.

Official Health and Safety Information

Given this period of uncertainty, as stipulated by government authorities, we recommend that you stay in your home for security purposes. Our hearts go out to you in this situation and we wish you and your loved ones the best.