Get Into the Halloween Spirit With 4 Fun DIY Decorations

1. Create Fun Halloween Gift Cards Holders

Halloween is the perfect holiday to have fun with gift cards and raise funds for your fundraising campaign at the same time! These DIY Halloween gift cards holders will delight the recipients. You can choose a cute template for a coffee gift card holder, or these little ones that you can make with cardboard and ribbons

Here are 4 templates from FundScrip that you can easily print and fold.

gift card sleeve

2. Make Halloween Decorations

Halloween decorations are the best way to get creative! Here are 50 DIY ideas to get you inspired and crafty. It’s also a good way to save money to do it yourself instead of buying expensive decorations. And the result will be even more beautiful!

Halloween pumpkin

3. Halloween Dessert for Your Family and Friends

Even though we might not all attend Halloween parties this year, we can easily make our own at home! To bring the Halloween spirit in your home, why not prepare some original and delicious Halloween desserts? Here some spooky dessert ideas.

cookie with fangs

4. Make a DIY Halloween Costume