2nd Switzerland 2019 Independent Trip Unit of the Girl Guides of Canada Raises Over $6,600

Many FundScrip groups raise money for trips and 2nd Switzerland 2019 Independent Trip Unit is one of them. The money raised is for a trip to Iceland, Switzerland and Italy, which will take place in 2019. They've figured out how to make their campaign a success.

With over $6,600 raised, and here's what Diana Adams, group administrator, has to say:

Our group is the "2nd Switzerland 2019 Independent Trip Unit" with Girl Guides of Canada and we have 16 girls from Ontario fundraising for a 2-week trip to Iceland, Switzerland and Italy in 2019!
Fundraising is hard. We have had numerous fundraising events, but by far the easiest fundraiser we are doing is FundScrip. Our strategy is slow and steady wins the race. Over 3 years that we are fundraising, this really adds up. Several girls will have paid for 1/2 of the total trip cost through FundScrip alone - and their parents couldn't be happier.
At our initial fundraising meeting with parents, we showed various ordering scenarios and parents quickly caught on that even small orders add up over 3 years. What we found most important was getting parents to sign up for EFT - as with their busy schedules, doing internet banking transfers 3 days prior to the order deadline was hard to keep track of. All our parents now use EFT, and many take advantage of direct shipping options between orders. The trip is now less than 2 years away - we cant wait!