How Buying Gift Cards for Your Organization Can Also Help Your Cause

Vector image of donation jar and box of food donations

Many social and charitable organizations benefit from the advantages of using gift cards for various purposes. For example, gift cards can facilitate budgeting for different expenditures and help ensure that funds are used for their intended purpose. This article will explore some beneficial ways organizations can utilize gift cards and how they can also raise funds for their cause.

The Benefits of Purchasing Gift Cards for Organizations

Providing support to individuals seeking assistance: Gift cards are a flexible and practical means to aid those the organization aims to help. Whether for groceries, gas, clothing, or other needs, gift cards empower organizations to extend a helping hand while maintaining budgetary control.

Fundraising Events and Prizes: Gift cards make excellent incentives for fundraising events. Whether as prizes in raffles or rewards for top fundraisers, they add a tangible and desirable element to the fundraising process. This approach motivates participants and enhances the overall success of fundraising initiatives.

Organizational Expenditures: Efficient budget management is crucial for organizations. Purchasing gift cards enables precise allocation of funds for various organizational needs, like office supplies and equipment, ensuring that resources are utilized optimally.

How Organizations Can Contribute to Their Cause through Gift Cards

One of the lesser-known benefits of gift cards for organizations is gift card fundraising. With the gift card fundraising platform FundScrip, all the gift card uses mentioned in this article could also contribute a percentage of their purchase value to the organization’s cause. This innovative fundraising model provides a sustainable and ongoing source of funds for organizations.

The FundScrip Platform

FundScrip allows organizations to buy gift cards at face value and earn a percentage back. Through the platform, organizations can choose from a wide array of retailers, ensuring that the cards align with the needs and preferences of the organization and its supporters.

Getting supporters involved in the gift card fundraising campaign is straightforward. Organizations can encourage their members and supporters to participate by using gift cards purchased through the FundScrip platform for everyday expenses, such as groceries and gas, with a percentage automatically contributing to the organization's cause.

Success Stories

Through the FundScrip platform, organizations have raised over 30 million dollars for their causes. From schools funding extracurricular activities to non-profits supporting community initiatives, the versatility of this fundraising model is evident. These FundScrip success stories serve as inspiration for other organizations looking to make a meaningful impact through gift card fundraising.

The first step for organizations interested in joining FundScrip is to explore the platform and understand how it can start their journey toward practical and sustainable fundraising.