How to Raise Funds Virtually Using Gift Cards

Photo by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash

Now more than ever, contactless activities are collectively accepted and expected in most aspects of social and professional life. Fundraising is no exception. Groups who understand this reality and plan accordingly can perform extremely well, even from a distance. By offering virtual alternatives to their supporters, administrators can ensure the success of their campaigns and keep their fundraiser alive in a safe manner. Even groups who aren’t meeting in person actively can apply the following techniques to reinvigorate their efforts and create a sense of belonging. Pick one or all of these strategies and see what works best for you!

Create a Public Campaign Page

Did you know that FundScrip offers free bilingual Public Campaign Pages as one of its convenient online tools? That’s right! In a few easy clicks, your group can create a personalized page and drive people directly to your fundraiser. Simply share your unique link with supporters and they’ll be able to order gift cards. Make the most of it and send your Campaign Page to everyone in your circle by text message, email and social media platforms like Facebook.

Campain Page
Campain Page Preview

Host Virtual Events and Classes

By now, most people are comfortable with online platforms such as Zoom or Teams and the LIVE functionalities on Facebook and Instagram. Use that to your advantage! Plan events and classes, encourage the use of gift cards to purchase the required material and get creative! While your supporters are engaged, remind them of your fundraising efforts and encourage them to order gift cards for their day-to-day expenses. You could even coordinate a large order after each event!

Not sure where to start? Try these fun ideas:

  • Host a cooking class and encourage your supporters to purchase their ingredients with a grocery gift card
  • Lead a fitness class and encourage your supporters to purchase their gear with a sports and leisure gift card
  • Run a book club and encourage your supporters to purchase their novels with an entertainment gift card
  • Plan a car rally and encourage your supporters to fill up their tanks with a gas gift card

The sky is the limit, really. What will you come up with?

Communicate With Your Supporters

To reach the most supporters, be consistent with your fundraising efforts and brainstorm ways to establish an ongoing dialogue with people. The more you put yourself out there, the more you’ll reap benefits. As we’ve seen, online platforms are a great medium to get your message out there. Post regularly, include clear and high-quality pictures and/or video, and most especially, focus on individuals. According to Psychology Today, stories are an excellent way of tapping emotions, and when told using video and audio, they create vivid depictions that compel others to help. Also, don’t underestimate the power of phone calls, text messages and email campaigns. They may be a more traditional form of reaching people, but they work!

Ready to boost your campaign efforts? Start touching base with your supporters and prospects regularly and GO! Got questions or need assistance? Our team is always happy to lend a hand. Simply drop us a line and we’ll get the ball rolling!