How to Use Electronic and Reloadable Gift Cards in the FundScrip Wallet

Although FundScrip is known for its fast and accurate delivery of physical gift cards, we also have Electronic and Reloadable gift cards, accessible to supporters through the FundScrip Wallet. In this post we will show you how to make purchase, reloads and check card balances and you’ll see how easy and convenient it is!

electronic gift card is shown on a computer and a phone

Electronic Gift Cards

How do Electronic gift cards work? Very simple.

  • Make the purchase. Simply buy one or more eGift Cards from the FundScrip supporter ordering site. You can choose cards from any retailer that you’d like that offer Electronic gift cards. When purchasing, filter by eGift cards, to see the choices available to you. Check out and pay for your order.
  • Click the link in the notification email you will receive after payment is completed and the order has been processed. This link goes to your eGift Card.
  • The email link takes you to the FundScrip login page where, after logging in, you will be redirected to the eGift Card redemption page itself.
  • Redeem the eGift Card. Depending on the retailer, you can then redeem the eGift Card in-store or online (or both). For in-store redemptions, simply show the eGift Card (with barcode) at purchase. To redeem online, enter the gift card number on the retailer's website, or click the link on the eGift Card page.

Pretty easy, right? You can buy multiple eGift Cards in the same order, and you will receive the links to each eGift Card, usually in the same email.

A reloadable gift card is shown on a phone

Reloadable Gift Cards

The advantage of reloadable gift cards is that you can avoid delivery fees, shipping delays, and they help cut down on waste. There are 4 simple steps to use reloadable gift cards.

  • Start by purchasing the physical Reloadable gift card. Filter by Reloadable Cards when purchasing, and check out your order for the physical reloadable card that will be delivered to you.
  • Once You receive your card in the mail, use it like usual, but simply don't throw it away when it's empty. You can also give it a nickname.
  • When you want to reload the card, login and visit your FundScrip Wallet, find your card and reload it with the desired amount.
  • Enjoy your trusty reloadable card and reload it as many times as you'd like, all while supporting your group!
FundScrip wallet is shown on a phone and a computer

FundScrip Wallet

The FundScrip Wallet has other handy features in addition to Electronic gift cards and making reloads.

Live balance check, for compatible retailers, for all types of gift cards, including some physical cards. Very convenient when you forgot how much there is left on a card!

You can also add a nickname to your gift cards, so you’ll never forget wich card you’re redeeming or reloading. We’re always working to add new Electronic and Reloadable gift cards to our catalogue.

Once you will start using Electronic and Reloadable gift cards, we know you will love it!