Identifying Ongoing Expenses: The Killer Feature of FundScrip

It’s no secret that to get the most out of your FundScrip campaigns, you’ll want to pay for your everyday expenses with gift cards. When you think about recurring expenses, the most obvious ones are probably gas and groceries. But what other ongoing expenses might be less obvious? Here are some places where you probably spend on a regular basis without really noticing.

1. Buy Office Furnitures for Your Business

Does your company or the company you work for buy office furniture? Chances are they do, so why not take advantage of that by paying for them with FundScrip gift cards?

2. Home Renovations

If you or people you know are planning to do some home improvement projects around the house, even if it’s just minor work, you’re sure to have some renovation expenses for equipment or materials. This is an easy way to raise funds by paying for those expenses with gift cards.

3. Travelling Expenses

Most people go on vacation at least once a year, and often it’s planned in advance. Why not pay for the accommodation expenses with gift cards? Hotel costs are a great way to raise money, and that doesn’t even include other typical vacation expenses like food and gas!

4. Pay for Your Child’s Food Expenses

Do you have a child who is currently studying at college or university? You can pay for their food or restaurant expenses with gift cards, and keep them on a budget so they don’t overspend.

5. Household Expenses

Whether it's candles, office supplies, cleaning supplies, or anything else, there are a lot of small expenses here and there for the home that can easily be paid for with gift cards.

6. Keep Some Gift Cards on Hand

A good tip for taking advantage of gift cards is to always keep a few cards on hand for unexpected or occasional expenses. For example, Amazon gift cards or Walmart gift cards can come in handy when you need to buy something there.

You can also buy a few small denomination cards that you can keep for special occasions like birthdays or parties where you might want to bring a gift.

As you can see, there are so many expenses that we do on a daily or regular basis that can be covered with gift cards! You just have to look at the retailers you frequent during the year to realize that we can easily raise more funds than we thought possible in the at first glance!