Impressive follow up news from École Félix-Leclerc about their ongoing FundScrip fundraising campaign

We recently received terrific news from École Félix-Leclerc and we are delighted to share it with all of you.

Back in June 2014, supporters had already raised more than $6,000 for a students trip to the Alps slated for 2016. In less than one year, supporters have added more than $8,000 to that number for a total of $15,506.30 to date, the campaign will officially wrap up in 2016. That is quite impressive!

Nathalie Després was delighted to tell us, "We never thought that this fundraising method would be as good as it has turned out to be. In only fifteen months the parents of our students have raised $15,506.30 for a trip to the Alps in 2016 and we have still have more months to raise more money."

Huge thanks and congratulations to all who continue to participate in the program.

In this image, Nathalie Després, who manages the program is shown here receiving the check from Robert Gregory, their fundraising consultant at FundScrip.