Invigorate Your Religious Institution’s Fundraiser

The summer season is unfortunately winding down, but religious group community meetings are ongoing. Many religious institutions take the opportunity to unite their congregations to enjoy the last days of sunshine and good weather. Whether you are part of a church, synagogue, mosque, temple or other religious institution, now is the time to optimize your FundScrip fundraising campaign!

Firstly, make sure that whoever will lead the meeting has been properly briefed on the advantages of the fundraising campaign, so as to best promote it, and to do it with regularity, thereby encouraging member participation. By adopting such an attitude, a sentiment of trust will be fostered towards your fundraiser, and it will be easier to persuade your congregation to participate.

Then, identify an enthusiastic key contact who will become the face of your campaign, and establish a simple and predictable procedure for active or potential members. For instance, you could distribute your paper order forms on the first Saturday or Sunday of every month, and collect them the following week. You could also keep a stock of the most popular gift cards on hand, to suit the last-minute needs of all. By following these models systematically, the process will be normalized among your congregation, and you will subtly and positively influence the purchasing habits of your peers.

And mostly, talk about your FundScrip campaign at every relevant occasion. During this time of year you won’t run out of publicity opportunities. A group camping trip is being planned? Work with the organizers ahead of time to encourage the use of gift cards to purchase all the necessities required for the trip! A great occasion for people to stock up on all the staples while supporting their religious institution. With over 260 retailers to choose from, you’ll be able to encourage supporters to purchase everything their families require, from apparel, school supplies, to the thousands of snacks their children will consume like little bottomless pits!

By infusing your fundraising campaign with gift cards that help offset the costs of the day-to-day operations of your congregation, it will become a habit engrained in the lifestyle of your members. With time, momentum will build up and so you’re your coffers, all while stimulating a sense of belonging within your community without having to modify anyone’s customs. Take action!