Knox Presbyterian Church in Milton Raises over $18,000 with FundScrip

The Knox Presbyterian Church is a family oriented congregation that serves a multi-generation, multi-ethnic gathering of people who appreciate sound biblical teaching, strong commitment to faith development and the expression of faith through service.

Using the FundScrip fundraising program, the Knox Presbyterian Church was able to raise $18,587.76 to date. Here is their story:

"In June 2010 Knox Presbyterian Church in Milton ON was told they could no longer worship the Lord in the sanctuary because the roof could collapse at any moment. The Engineers told us that the hand of God was holding up the roof.
After much prayer, reports and estimates it was decided that Milton's Main Street was where Knox was suppose to be and so the $950,000 restoration was given the go-ahead. A Fund Raising Committee, Church Groups and members started the daunting task of raising money.
The Chancel Choir wanted to help too and Soprano Amy Smith presented Fundscrip to the Choir. Amy's barbershop chorus (A Cappella Showcase) used Fundscrip to raise funds. So an email was sent to Fundscrip and Stacey Ward-Stone became our coach. Stacey was extremely helpful in getting us setup and in December 2010 the first order went into Fundscrip. The Congregation was informed about Fundscrip and we now have a core group of 16 families participating regularly and another 24 families participating occasionally.
Our mortgage is now under $600,000 thanks to everyone’s participation in various ways. Through Fundscrip, our group of families has raised over $18,000 to help in this effort.
Fundscrip allows us to contribute to the overall efforts by taking advantage of retailers who reimburse the church for purchasing their gift cards at face value. It is a way for those who can't contribute extra to the mortgage to help, and there by have a sense of pride/ownership of the physical building we call Knox Milton.
Fundscrip is the easiest Fund raising we have ever done. For more information, please feel free to contact us. We would be very happy to explain how it works.
Sincerely and with Blessings,
Mike Luyckx & Amy Smith, Fundscrip Administrators"