FundScrip Launches Innovative New Way To Share Gift Cards

Carte partageable

We have an announcement to make! The research and development team has been working for over 5 years on a very special product. Now is the day we can finally launch it!

As you can tell from the above picture, FundScrip just created a new way to share a gift card by splitting it into several smaller gift cards.

  1. Fold and split the card along the dots
  2. share with family or friends
  3. Enjoy the new product type

With this new product type, not only you can share a part of the gift card but the total amount will also be split. For example, if an admin or a supporter buys a 3,500$ gift card and shares it with 35 people, each person will receive $100.

Who would have thought that in 2021 such a thing would be possible? Nowadays technology is so powerful it can unlock so many features to a product.

Did we fool you? We hope so! 😜