Listowel Christian School Raises Over $14,000 with FundScrip

We received a fantastic success story from Listowel Christian School. Listowel Christian School has an active fundraising Committee which oversees many ongoing and annual events.

Read on to find out how they've been so successful using gift cards to raise funds.

At Listowel Christian School we use FundScrip as a fundraising program that allows proceeds of the fundraising to be split between our school and individual families for tuition. These rebates are then applied to the following year's tuition.
FundScrip is an easy to use fundraising tool. Our supporters find the online accessibility very easy to navigate. No paper forms or collecting money to submit. Our experience with FundScrip has been very positive.
Our ongoing FundScrip fundraiser has been successful because it is such an easy way to earn proceeds. We all grocery shop, purchase gas and gifts and the incentives we receive from these everyday purchases with our FundScrip gift cards directly reduce our tuition costs. It's a win, win scenario!

Congratulations to the Listowel Christian School on your fundraising and best of luck in the future!