Local Groups Choose FundScrip as Their Contactless Fundraiser

Mother and son browsing on computer

Mother and son browsing on computer

Some fundraising groups are choosing FundScrip as their fundraising program because of its contactless features. It’s not only convenient to not have any products to sell, but it’s also safer, especially with the current situation.

FundScrip Is the Best Alternative as a Contactless Fundraiser

We’ve previously talked about how FundScrip is the best contactless fundraiser. Because you don’t have any physical products to sell, you are in no obligation to be in direct contact with many other people as with most typical fundraising models. Also, the fact that you can order your gift cards directly online and receive it right at your door makes it even more safe and convenient.

Elliot Lake Lions Club Using FundScrip Featured in the Local News

We’d like to talk about a great example of a local group who chose FundScrip as their fundraising program that was featured in the local news. The Elliot Lake Lions Club adopted FundScrip because they identified this would be the perfect way to raise funds for their club. Even if their activities are suspended because of the Covid-19 pandemic, they are still raising funds for when they will be able to pursue their in-person activities.

Here’s what club representative Robert Kerr said about the reasons why they chose FundScrip: "The Elliot Lake Lions are introducing a gift card fundraising program called FundScrip. Most of us buy groceries, gas, household items, eat in restaurants, go to the movies, or need gifts for holidays, birthdays and special events," he explained. "You can use FundScrip to raise money for the Elliot Lake Lions Club by buying gift cards for everyday purchases from a wide array of retail categories such as groceries, gas, home improvement, department stores, restaurants, coffee shops, clothing stores and many more.”

Another Local Fundraiser Chose FundScrip for Similar Reasons

Another fundraiser in Jasper, Alberta, chose FundScrip for similar reasons. "Marco Bulfon continues fundraising efforts that he started in 2017 when his little sister Eliana became ill with pneumonia and was flown to the Stollery Children’s Hospital in Edmonton".

Over the years, he raised funds from many different fundraising activities. But with the Covid-19 pandemic, Marco had to change his approach this year. “Going out and asking people for money at this time, I don’t think, is very nice because this year, with the economy down and people not having work, instead of them feeling like they have to donate something, it’s better not to ask,” he said. “Also for safety – you have to be physically distancing.” FundScrip is a very safe alternative and, like Marco said, a great way to raise funds without changing your spending habits.

We’re always amazed by the resilience of fundraising groups and inspired by the different ways people are using the FundScrip gift card fundraising program