Maximize Fundraising Efforts with Your Own Campaign Page

Campagne page preview on a computer

Did you know? FundScrip has a convenient Campaign Page option! It’s a great way to get your group known, guide supporters directly to your fundraiser, streamline the process and automate ordering (for groups who want this). To make sure you’re on the right track, follow these simple steps.

Visit the Campaign section

Login to your Group Administration site and visit the Campaign section.

Review Your Campaign Settings

(the Campaign Settings sub-section is where you can view and modify the Campaign Settings you configured during your group registration)

Create a Public Page

(choose your language settings, enter your campaign description(s), upload high-quality images and/or videos, and link your website if relevant)

Preview Your Public Page
Submit for Approval

(a FundScrip representative will review your page and should approve it within two business days. Once your page is approved, you’ll receive an email notification)

Share the Page

(once the process is finalized, you’ll have a unique Campaign Link, which you can copy/paste or share using the other tools on the page)

Post Regular Updates

To keep your supporters engaged, use your Campaign Page to post regular updates. Depending on the length of your campaign, choose a frequency that seems reasonable (perhaps weekly, or monthly). The more people are invested in the results, the more they’ll help you cross the finish line. By showing that you’re committed to the success of your fundraiser, your audience will be excited to support you. To do so, simply visit the Campaign > Updates page and click the “Add an Update” button.

Train Your Group Members

Once your Campaign Page is set up, inform your group members, and teach them to share your unique link via social media, email and text. There’s always strength in numbers, so the more your teams are active and engaged, the more you’ll see results. The next time you all get together (either in person or through videoconference), add this as an agenda item. By taking a few minutes to cast light on this useful function, you’ll boost your efforts.

Share Your Link Regularly

As an administrator, share your Campaign Page consistently yourself. It sets a great example for your group and legitimizes your fundraiser. You could do so every time you post an update, thus keeping the content fresh and exciting. Instead of simply sharing a link with no context, give your supporters a short explanation of what is happening and how close you are to your goal. Always include a clear “Call to Action”, a sentence that guides people into adopting a desired behaviour. For instance, you could say, “Donate today and help us amass the last XX$ required to reach our objective!”. Do so on all social media platforms, run email campaigns, and even use text messaging. By fanning out your link via multiple channels, you’ll truly optimize your fundraiser.

Wait no further and create your Campaign Page! If you don’t yet have a group, start one today and take advantage of FundScrip’s comprehensive fundraising services. Our dedicated coaches will guide you every step of the way.