Friday, August 12, 2016

North River Minor Hockey Association Raises $58,267 for Young Players

Hockey fees are getting too expensive? Here’s what North River Minor Hockey Association in PEI did.

In 2008, Trevor Lank decided to enroll the North River Hockey Association in FundScrip. He saw a way to help their families raise money to be directed towards their own hockey registration fees. Many families had multiple children playing hockey plus there always more expenses after the registration like tournaments, ice time and equipment. FundScrip seemed like a great way to help offset some of the costs.

Each year at registration, the new families are given information on how to participate and returning families receive a reduction on their registration based on what they have raised over the past 12 months. As one family said: "With 4 kids playing hockey, getting one registration covered is a big help in the fall when it seems like extra money is needed for everything".

To date, they have raised almost $60,000!

Congratulations to everyone at the North River Minor Hockey Association for helping everyone reduce their hockey fees and helping keep the kids involved in a great sport!