Pictou United Church Raises $21,875 for General Expenses

Pictou United Church in Pictou, Nova Scotia, raised more $21,875 for their church’s expenses. Here is what group administrators Nancy Steele and Bev Simmons had to say about their experience:

“Our donations go to the general running of Pictou United, and with approximately 30 supporters, we're very proud of the amount we've raised through Fundscrip. As we continue to tell our congregation, there couldn't be an easier way to fundraise, as we all buy groceries and gas. By doing it through buying gift cards for those items, our church benefits in a huge way. We make our fundraiser easy for our congregation by doing the input for most of them. I believe our oldest supporters are 95 and have been participating from the start.
We hope to continue with Fundscrip for years to come. We appreciate all the help we've received from our coach, Kathy Whitelaw, our "go to gal", who has helped us right from the start and continues to be there at a moment's notice."

Great job with your fundraiser and keep going!