Place Multiple Orders for the Holidays

Did you know? The months leading up to the holidays are the best time to raise funds for all types of groups! As people start preparing for the merry season, they’re likelier to stock up on gift cards, a present of choice loved by everyone. Take advantage of this dynamism to boost your campaign efforts by following these simple tips.

Develop a Calendar of Activities

Set the tone for the upcoming couple of months by creating a fundraising schedule and sharing it with all your group members. If everyone has a clear vision, it will be much easier to reach your objectives. If you’re coordinating group orders, which is common during this time of year, give yourself one week to circulate order forms, one week to collect them, one week to place the order and another week or two to receive and distribute the cards to your supporters. If this is established from the onset, it will be easy to follow up and remain on course.

Promote Your Campaign Consistently

Another great strategy for a successful campaign is to share, share, share. At this time of year, people are receptive to fundraisers and shopping. Since Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, Boxing Day and Hanukkah are on the horizon, gift cards are easy to promote. Talk to your supporters regularly either in person, online, or by telephone. Use the power of social media to make your campaign shine. If you want, set up a Campaign Page, which allows people to order individually via a shareable link. You can include the frequency at which you mean to promote your campaign directly in your calendar of activities.

Create Hype

You can boost your fundraiser a few different ways. For instance, you can establish deadlines for ordering and send regular reminders leading up to those dates. You can also share FundScrip’s monthly promotions as part of your marketing strategy, inciting others to take advantage of great discounts. Sharing your campaign progress is beneficial as well. It keeps people engaged and motivates them to help you cross the finish line.

Act now! Make the most of the next few months to capitalize on people’s heightened receptivity to gift card fundraising ahead of the holidays. If your group doesn’t yet have a FundScrip account, get started—it’s THE perfect time.