Thursday, August 29, 2019

Plan Your Gifts to Give You Peace of Mind

More and more, gift cards are making the holiday season and birthdays easier. No need to struggle to find the perfect present among all the gadgets around us! Leaving the choice to his or her loved one to find something useful they like, lifts the burden of researching, and potential disappointment. Now imagine if you could plan all your gifts in advance? How? Start by making a list of events that you could celebrate with a gift card!

Plan for enjoying

Everything we do is based on sound planning: meals, holidays, appointments. Relieving your mind and making sure you don't forget anything are the main reasons for this fervent level of organization. The spontaneity of a gift is always charming but planning it in advance also has its advantages. How many times have you forgotten the anniversary of a wedding, or of a romantic encounter? And if an unexpected event were to arise in your entourage, it would be easier to already have a gift ready, wouldn't it?

How about listing all these events and buying your gift cards in advance at quieter times of the year? By having a clear purchase plan for each occasion, you will be able to remember everyone and plan for the unexpected!

Gift cards: answers for all occasions

With FundScrip, gift cards are not just used for fundraising. They can be adapted to all of your ideas. And because they’re so easy to order, you can get them quickly.

However, you may see the gift card as too easy, impersonal, even if you have taken the time to look at the retailers and their services. Here again, planning can meet your needs. The more time you take to plan, the more time you will have to spend time on the card’s message, on that little personal touch that makes all the difference. Instead of writing in a hurry on the bus to your friends' houses, you could do it in the comfort of your own home.

And for those who love DIY, but lack inspiration, know that there are quick and creative DIY solutions to make your gift cards more exciting. A thoughtful gift, a personalized message, homemade packaging: it's almost perfect, isn't it?

Make pleasure rhyme with savings

Last but not least, by planning and purchasing in advance, you keep your expenses under control! If you know what occasions you want to celebrate, you can adjust your purchases accordingly and even spoil yourself, with peace of mind. Add to that the discoveries you could make by taking the time to discover new retailers. You'd be surprised at how much you can offer, all while raising funds at the same time !